Animal Crossing Sound CD: Keke Choice! Mix

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Animal Crossing Sound CD: Keke Choice! Mix
Keke Choice Mix Cover Front.png
Composed by Kazumi Totaka
Shinobu Nagata
Distributed by Mainichi Communications
Release date(s) Japan November 21, 2005
Format(s) Compact disc
No. of tracks 6
Length 12:37

Animal Crossing Sound CD: Keke Choice! Mix[nb 1] is a promotional soundtrack for Animal Crossing: Wild World that was bundled with the January 2006 issue of Nintendo Dream,[1] an official Japanese Nintendo magazine akin to the American Nintendo Power or European Official Nintendo Magazine. It contains five remixes of tracks from Wild World and one track from Animal Crossing.

Track list[edit]

# Title Title (translated) Description Length
1 タイトル (Taitoru) Title A remastered version of Wild World's title theme.
Differs from City Folk's version, as it has slightly altered instrumentation.
2 02:00am -とたけけ Mix- (02:00am -Totakeke Mix-) "2:00 a.m. - K.K. Slider Mix" A remixed version of the 2 AM hourly theme from Wild World using K.K. Slider's guitar and vocals.
This became the basis for the 2:00 a.m. remix in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
3 ヘビィロテ -Hi-Fi Mix- (Hebyirote -Hi-Fi Mix-) "Heavy Rotation - Hi-Fi Mix" The music that plays in Kapp'n's taxi in Wild World, in its original quality. This is a remix of Kapp'n's Song and "Marine Song 2001".
The in-game version is heavily compressed to mimic a poor radio connection, hence the "Hi-Fi Mix" in this version's title.
4 コングラチュレイション! -とたけけ Mix- (Kongurachureishon! -Totakeke Mix-) "Congratulations! - K.K. Slider Mix" A remixed version of the jingle that plays when paying off one's debt in Wild World, using K.K. Slider's guitar and vocals. 0:08
5 ラジオ体操 (Rajio Taisō) "Radio Exercises" The Morning Aerobics theme from Animal Crossing. 1:40
6 タイトル -初雪 Mix- (Taitoru -Hatsuyuki Mix-) "Title - First Snow Mix" An extended, winter-themed remix of Wild World's title theme. 5:04



  • An interview within the magazine with producer Katsuya Eguchi, director Hisashi Nogami and composer Kazumi Totaka discussed the CD. Totaka provided some information on the tracks featured:
    • The 2 AM theme was composed as a sort of lullaby for new parents and their babies on sleepless nights. This aligns with its internal name "MamaPapa" in City Folk's files.
    • Kapp'n's taxi theme was renamed to keep Kapp'n's appearance as the taxi driver a surprise. The title "Heavy Rotation" refers to when a song is played frequently on the radio.
    • The Morning Aerobics theme was included so listeners could exercise alongside it in real life.
    • The winter-themed extended version of the title was inspired by the release date of the CD coinciding with the season of "first snow."


  1. Japanese: おいでよ どうぶつの森サウンドCD けけチョイス! Mix Hepburn: Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori Sound CD: Keke Choice! Mix