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This article is about the special character. For the normal dog villager, see Daisy.
"Turnips, turnips! Watch 'em rise! Try to earn a nice surprise!"
— Daisy Mae, Animal Crossing: New Horizons
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Daisy Mae boc
Artwork of Daisy Mae
Species Gender
Boar Female
Birthday March 30th Aries
Favorite saying "Turnips to turn a profit."
Role Selling turnips
Main appearances

Other appearances
Name in other languages
 Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a boar who debuted in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She visits the player's island every Sunday in order to sell turnips. She takes over the role established by Joan, her grandmother, in previous games.



Daisy Mae is an orange boar, who wears a blue dress with a red bow and a white hood, with similar pound-sign patterns to Joan's work pants. She has a drip of blue mucus running from her nose. She has black eyes shaped like ovals, brown hair, large red cheeks, and a basket with turnips on her head. Her hands and feet are brown.


Daisy Mae likes selling turnips, just like her grandmother, Joan. However, she also has a bad habit of eating the turnips she is selling, because they taste too good to her. She also appears to sneeze a lot.


In New Horizons

Daisy Mae in New Horizons.

Daisy Mae visits the player's island every Sunday, arriving at 5 AM and leaving at 12 PM. She sometimes indirectly mentions her grandmother, Joan, who she refers to as "Gram-Gram." If the following requirements have been met, Daisy Mae will mail the player 3 bamboo shoots the next day after any turnip purchase:

  • Buy turnips from her on 3 different weeks.
  • Buy an aggregate total of at least 100 turnips.

With the 2.0 Free Update, Daisy Mae also mails the player one of the following cooking recipes after they have purchased some turnips:

In Pocket Camp

Daisy Mae in Pocket Camp.

Daisy Mae is a guest character in Pocket Camp. She hosted the Daisy Mae's Pickin' Patch from April 30 to May 11, 2020. In that event, the player would obtain items from the Farm-Fresh Veggie Patch Set. The included flowers in the set were Farmer's Eggplants, Farmer's Peppers, and Farmer's Tomatoes. The included creatures are Lilac Seedwing, Orange Seedwing, Silver Seedwing, and Golden Seedwing.

Other appearances

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae

Category Class Slot cost
Support Spirit Novice (★) 1 (⬢)
Ability Lip's Stick Equipped
Acquisition Battle via Spirit Board (during the event "Animal Crossing Spirits! Yes, Yes!"; available normally once obtained or since July 21, 2020)
Battle information
Enemy fighters
  • Blue Villager
  • Clear Peach
  • Type Neutral
    Power 1,900
    Stage Town and City
    Rules N/A
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • The enemy favors down air attacks
  • The enemy is invisible
  • Music Tour - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Villager information

    In New Horizons

    Daisy Mae
    Turnips to turn a profit.

    Daisy Mae

    Birthday Gender Species
    March 30 Aries Female Boar
    Initial NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
    Final NookPhone  Phone Case (Traditional 1 - Fabric 15) NH Model.png  Traditional 1 - Fabric 15
    Happy Home Paradise traits
    Hobby Play
    Book Play Book NH Icon.png Comic

    In Happy Home Paradise

    In Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, Daisy Mae will share a house with Joan.

    Daisy Mae
    Client's vision Vacation-Home Concept
    Shares house with Joan
    Unlocked items

    Card profiles

    amiibo card

    414 Daisy Mae amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #414 Daisy Mae - Series 5
    Star sign: Aries
    Birthday: March 30



    • According to the official companion guide for New Horizons by Future Press, Daisy Mae has a bad habit of eating turnips rather than selling them, much to Joan's dismay.
      • Despite this, it is revealed in Happy Home Paradise that Joan expresses amusement at Daisy Mae enjoying eating turnips, and even if going overboard with turnip meals, Daisy Mae can seemingly never have enough.
    • Daisy Mae's birthday was said to be May 5th in the companion guide, and this was also included in the game's internal parameters. Since Version 1.1.0, this was changed to March 30th, which is the date on her amiibo card. Wilbur's birthday was also changed.
      • Likewise, she currently shares her birthday with Felicity.
    • One of Isabelle's quotes when asked about island evaluation, relayed from Daisy Mae, suggests that she took over Joan's role due to her weakening knees.

    Names in other languages

    Japanese ウリ
    From ウリ坊 uri-bō (wild boar piglet) and 売り uri (stock sale).

    Korean 무파니
    무 meaning radish and 파니 coming from 팔다 palda, meaning "to sell."

    Simplified Chinese 曹卖
    Cáo Mài
    From 卖 mài (to sell) and the surname 曹 Cáo, consistent with Joan's Chinese name. Also a close homonym with 炒卖 Chǎomaì, trading of goods.

    Traditional Chinese 曹賣
    From 賣 (to sell) and the surname 曹, consistent with Joan's Chinese name.

    Russian Дейзи-Мей
    Phonetic transcription of her English name.

    Dutch Daisy Mae Same as English name.

    German Jorna From the Portuguese word jorna, meaning "a day's pay."

    European Spanish Juliana A nod to Joan's Spanish name, Juana.

    European French Porcelette From porcelet (piglet), and a nod to Joan's French name, Porcella.

    Italian Brunella From bruno (brunet) and ravanello (turnip), and a nod to Joan's Italian name, Nella.

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