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Chestnut is an unused squirrel villager who exists in the data of Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. The character was previously nicknamed "Blazel" by the community, as its visual appearance combines design elements of Bliss (Caroline) and Hazel (Sally); her actual name went undiscovered until 2017, when it was discovered in the files for Doubutsu no Mori+.

Chestnut exists as two different characters under character indexes E15A and D06C. When using the D06C version, her only actual line of dialogue is one of Kapp'n's lines. When using E15A, her name will erroneously be displayed as Jambette, and she will begin to speak random villager dialogue. This is due to Jambette being indexed at E05A, the earliest position for a female villager; because the E15A index position is located far past the data wraparound after E0FF, spawning her into a town using using the former causes the game to generate Jambette's text data by default. Chestnut can be spawned into a player's town using the below Action Replay code, using "xxxx" as a regular villager and "yyyy" being set to either of the two indexes she is located at.

040051A0 3C600001
040051A4 3863xxxx
040051A8 7C032040
040051AC 7C832378
040051B0 4082000C
040051B4 3C600001
040051B8 3863yyyy
040051BC 4E800020
0453A198 4BACB009
04544FFC 4BAC01A5

It is unknown what Chestnut's purpose in the game was intended to be; however, because she is listed among the game's special NPCs and alongside stub methods for wilting and growing flowers, it has been inferred that she would have been a special character centered around gardening (similarly to Leif in Animal Crossing: New Leaf). Immediately after her name, the nondescript exclamation "とりゃ〜" (Torya〜) is found; it can be inferred that this would either have been an opening line or a catchphrase, depending on whether she would've been a special NPC or a villager. It can also be inferred that Chestnut was removed late into the game's development, as her name and text are the last two entries present in her character file.


The player speaking to Chestnut, whose name is displayed as "Jambette"

Chestnut's appearance combines features of Bliss and Hazel's designs. She has red colored fur and large blue eyes just like Bliss, and has a creamy white pinstripe on her tail just like Hazel. In addition, she has another creamy white swirl on her head that resembles a question mark, unlike Bliss' flowery swirl. She wears a green apron over a white shirt, which also supports the idea that she was meant to be a garden store owner.