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...I time travel a lot in New Horizons. Plus in articles, I update some stuff (like someone added into Pocket Camp) or spelling/grammar errors

New Horizons Island

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Dream Address
not yet registered (lost my Switch Online account)
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Player Hannah
Creation date July 8, 2022
Native fruit Fruit Pear NH Icon.png Pears
Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere icon.png Southern

Falmouth was established on July 8, 2022.

Pocket Camp residents

Villagers That I Want to Be Added in Pocket Camp

New Horizons residents

A pic next to them means I have their pic.




K.K. Songs I Own

New Leaf Island

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Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Mayor Hannah
Creation date December 25, 2021
Native fruit Fruit Pear NH Icon.png Pears

New Leaf residents

Favorite villagers of each species

Icon Name Species Additional Notes
Alfonso NH Villager Icon.png Alligator He's got that cute-looking eyes. A true friend indeed, as evidenced in the movie.
Annalisa NH Villager Icon.png Anteater She reminds me of a porcelain doll.
Megan NH Villager Icon.png Bear The fact that no one talks about her is a crime. Also, I love it when she gets surprised!
Maple NH Villager Icon.png Bear cub Maple is my birthday twin and my absolute favorite villager. She looks like a teddy bear!
Ace NH Villager Icon.png Bird A lot of people who played the OG Animal Crossing were probably happy that he's back. I never played said game before because I don't have a Gamecube.
Stu NH Villager Icon.png Bull His adorable face gets me every time.
Tangy NH Villager Icon.png Cat She is also my friend's favorite villager of all time!
Ava NH Villager Icon.png Chicken An underrated cottagecore dreamie!
Norma NH Villager Icon.png Cow Look at you, strawberry cow!
Fauna NH Villager Icon.png Deer She is amazing and the fact that she says "dearie" melts my heart.
Maddie NH Villager Icon.png Dog Maddie shares a birthday with my mom. Yippee!
Molly NH Villager Icon.png Duck Protect her at all costs.
Apollo NH Villager Icon.png Eagle He's a good father figure.
Ellie NH Villager Icon.png Elephant Ellie reminds me of Maple's prototype design in Animal Forest.
Lily NH Villager Icon.png Frog My all time favorite is actually Sunny, but she's absent since Animal Forest e+.
Sherb NH Villager Icon.png Goat Bawwwww!
Rilla NH Villager Icon.png Gorilla I'm not a fan of the gorillas, but I do love the Sanrio villagers.
Flurry NH Villager Icon.png Hamster I just like animals with thick eyebrows, OK?
Bitty NH Villager Icon.png Hippo Bitty shares a birthday with my dad.
Ed NH Villager Icon.png Horse He kinda reminds me of Billie Eilish.
Kitt NH Villager Icon.png Kangaroo No one ever talks about Kitt!
Sydney NH Villager Icon.png Koala She needs to be added in Pocket Camp soon!
Rex NH Villager Icon.png Lion I love his laid-back attitude!
Nana NH Villager Icon.png Monkey Pink villagers are awesome villagers.
Rod NH Villager Icon.png Mouse He's so cute!
Marina NH Villager Icon.png Octopus I just love animals with the Music hobby. It's my favorite hobby in the game.
Gladys NH Villager Icon.png Ostrich Remember the Japanese story of the old couple and the ostrich?
Sprinkle NH Villager Icon.png Penguin I just love her town tune.
Gala NH Villager Icon.png Pig She looks like a piggy bank with the flowers on her head.
Sasha NH Villager Icon.png Rabbit I was shocked to learn that he was a boy.
Merengue NH Villager Icon.png Rhinoceros Renée is a close favorite.
Stella NH Villager Icon.png Sheep Baa-dabing!
Caroline NH Villager Icon.png Squirrel Everyone's missing out on Caroline...
Rolf NH Villager Icon.png Tiger Another awesome father figure.
Chief NH Villager Icon.png Wolf All wolves are good wolves, but he and Audie hold a special place in my heart.


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