Dōbutsu no Mori (film)

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Doubutsu no Mori (film)
Animalcrossingfilm poster.jpg
Directed by Jōjin Shimura
Produced by Bunshō Kajiya
Written by Aya Matsui
Starring Yui Horie
Misato Fukuen
Fumiko Orikasa
Yū Kobayashi
Naoki Tatsuta
Kenichi Ogata
Shun Oguri
Yūichi Kimura
Music by Kazumi Totaka
Cinematography Kōji Yamakoshi
Edited by Toshio Henmi
Distributed by Toho (in association with Nintendo)
Release date(s) JPDecember 16, 2006
JPJuly 25, 2007 (DVD))
Running time 87 minutes
Country JPJapan
Language Unknown

Dōbutsu no Mori (劇場版 どうぶつの森, Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori, lit. "Animal Forest: The Movie"), commonly referred to as Animal Crossing: The Movie in English, is a Japan-exclusive movie based on the Animal Crossing series. It was released about a year after Animal Crossing: Wild World, which the movie is primarily based on. It was directed by Jouji Shimura and was released on DVD in July of 2007.


Dōbutsu no Mori starts with a girl named Ai traveling by cab, driven by Kapp'n, to a far-away town called Animal Village. On the way, Ai is established as an enthusiastic and independent young girl, keen to experience a life on her own. After being dropped off outside of the Town Hall, she is greeted by Pelly and Tortimer, who heckles her over the winter vote for mayor (and does not take it too well when she does not understand his question). She is given a map and is directed to "Nook's Cranny" - after finding her way there, she is quickly sent out on a bicycle to deliver lots of items by Mr. Nook, the excuse being that she ought to greet the members of the town. Sent out with a pile of goods, Ai quickly becomes friends with the dramatic Rosie. She soon delivers a box of 500 pies to Alfonso, but is abruptly interrupted by his cries of ecstasy for his delivery, and a boy dressed as a ninja with a net called Yu, causing Alfonso to give chase with his net leaving Ai to place the delivery in his house. She delivers to Whitney, who appears cold (much like snooty villagers) and asks her to place the delivery in her house for her, it is not until she starts walking away she then realizes that Ai is new. Ai leaves Whitney and goes to the Able Sisters' shop, where she is greeted by Mabel. While making the delivery, she notices the clothes (a bunny shirt and cherry shirt) when suddenly Margie walks in and begins conversation between the two sisters. She leaves them to talk and we soon see Tom Nook waving at Ai after a hard day's work. She leaves for her house, walking by the beach when she is confronted by Yu after having a spider drop on her head, we soon find out Alfonso and Yu were competing against each other to catch it (much like the bug competitions in the game). After having a net dropped on her head and a cockroach thrown at her face, the scene ends with her screaming in disgust.

On the second day, Ai is sent to do more deliveries, heading to Apollo's house (when a Common Butterfly flies passed). Again, Yu interrupts, chasing a dragonfly. This knocks Ai into Apollo's flowerbed, crushing many of his blue roses. This causes Mr. Resetti to appear - about to give a lecture on town rules. He lets her off as it was an accident. He directs her to the The Roost to find Apollo. After finishing her deliveries, Ai heads home and says hello to Margie. They quickly get along - Ai learns that it is Margie's dream to become a designer. Margie refers to a person's talent as a "cherry pie" and subsequently shakes a cherry tree, giving some of its fruit to Ai. On this day, we are also introduced to Hopper and Champ, who feature throughout the film as minor characters.

In her search for the mysterious Apollo, Ai is directed to The Roost by Resetti. She walks into the Museum and finds an almost complete fossil exhibit, which causes her to scream. Blathers and Celeste come to see what happens. Ai notices that the fossils have information and find one fossil empty. Blathers starts mentioning facts about the empty fossil container and explains that it is his dream to see it filled. Celeste pulls her aside and directs her to the cafe.

Ai walks into the Roost, and meets two people arguing about music over a table. After inquiring if either of them is Apollo, they burst out laughing - they are Cesar and Cyrano. They claim that Apollo has been very grumpy recently, but stop talking when he enters the room. Apollo then says someone destroyed his flowers then Ai then confesses and apoligze for killing his flowers.

After some time, Yu and Alfonso start a fossil search and make Ai, Margie, and Rosie lead them to a cave full of fossils. As Yu tries to climb up to reach a higher one, the rocks begin to crumble and the group only just make it out. A few days later, there is festival where K.K. Slider performs K.K. Bossa upon Margie's request. Soon after, Rosie tells Ai that Margie moved away in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a designer, which makes Ai upset because Margie never mentioned it, although she soon recovers. Ai soon discovers a secret note-in-a-bottle saying: Plant a conifer on the snow festival and something miraculous will happen. After she receives many more letters like the first, she plants what she is supposed to plant on the Winter Festival.

That is when Gulliver arrives in his broken ship and requests that the villagers find his missing pieces. Ai, Rosie, Yu, and Alfonso go to the same cave they visited in the summer, where they find Margie who had come for a visit. Yu retrieves the missing piece which they return to the alien. However, Champ has also found the same piece, which confuses Gulliver. The piece Ai found turns out to be a whole separate alien, which thanks Ai before returning home. The trees Ai planted turn out to be in the shape of a star.


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Lead Characters[edit]

  • Ai- A young human girl who moves into Animal Village. Voiced by Horie Yui.
  • Alfonso (Halberd)- An alligator who is close to Yu. Voiced by Kaneko Takatoshi.
  • Pelly (Peliko)- The assistant to Tortimer, often located at the Town Hall. Voiced by Otoha.
  • Margie (Sally)- Close friend to Ai. Voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.
  • Tortimer (Sonchou)- The mayor of Animal Village. Voiced by Kenichi Ogata.
  • Rosie (Bouquet)- Close friends with Ai and Margie. Voiced by Fukuen Misato.
  • Tom Nook (Tanukichi)- Owner of a small shop and employer of Ai. Voiced by Naoki Tatsuta.
  • Yu- A human boy from a nearby village who likes to visit Animal Village. Voiced by Kobayashi Yu.

Minor Characters[edit]

Background Characters[edit]



  • During the credits sequence, a present attached to a balloon appears in every scene.