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A Perfect Town refers to player's town being in perfect condition, with many trees and flowers (and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Public Works Projects) in addition to little weeds or trash. The only way to check a town's status is by checking the Wishing Well (Animal Crossing), talking to Pelly or Phyllis at the civic center (Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk), or Isabelle at the front desk (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) in the Town Hall. The only reasons to get a perfect town are to get a gold watering can, Jacob's Ladders, and in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, rare mushrooms, other than the satisfaction gained from achieving the feat. In New Leaf, the Flower Clock and Town Hall renovation Public Works Projects become available after the town achieves perfect status.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, advice to get a perfect town is given by various special characters in the game. Each quote designates what the quality of the town is.

"Hmmmm... It's not a passing grade, but it's not really failing either... So middle ground! It's like this town is more than friends but not ready to be a couple yet. It needs real commitment!"
Timmy and Tommy, Needs work
"I think it's riding the so-so rails. So average!"
Timmy and Tommy, Needs work
"Well, they're certainly giving it their all! The difficult challenge is the reason town building is so worth it!"
Digby, Almost perfect
"Goodness gracious! Even from an academic standpoint, I must say this town is becoming quite good! If the town grows like this, I have no doubt that its value will keep soaring even higher, eh wot?"
Blathers, Almost perfect
"It seems that <town> is starting to gain some attention as a popular sightseeing destination! I hope they continue to work hard to really keep revitalizing this town! Eek eek!"
Porter, Almost perfect
"It's great! The very best town ever! I wouldn't mind being mayor again for a town that looks like this!"
Tortimer, Perfect
"Why, it's amazing, and I truly mean that! This town is simply the best! They've clearly worked very hard! This old man is really pleased!"
Phineas, Perfect
"Great galloping grasshoppers! Were I to give this town a rating, I'd say that it's exemplary, old bean!"
Nat, Perfect
"Woohoo! What a glorious town! Pavé wants to just sprawl out right here and caress the ground... Viva <town>!"
Pavé, Perfect
"Goodness gracious! I can say that, even from an academic standpoint, this town is simply the best! Hoo!"
Blathers, Perfect