List of villagers in Wild World

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The following is a list of villagers in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Wild World features 150 villagers in total, the fewest number in the series (105 from Doubutsu no Mori, 6 from Animal Crossing, 21 from Doubutsu no Mori e+, and 18 new ones). This game introduces monkeys as the new species. All villagers of this species were distributed at Nintendo DS Download Stations and are no longer legitimately obtainable. There are 188 villagers who have appeared in previous iterations of Animal Crossing that do not appear in Wild World.

Pichure Name Species Gender Personality Birthday Catchphrase
Agent SPicACWW.png Agent S Squirrel Female Peppy July 2 sidekick
AlfonsoPicACWW.png Alfonso Alligator Male Lazy June 9 it'sa me
AlicePicACWW.png Alice Koala Female Normal August 19 guvnor
AlliPicACWW.png Alli Alligator Female Snooty November 8 graaagh
AmeliaPicACWW.png Amelia Eagle Female Snooty November 19 cuz
AnabellePicACWW.png Anabelle This villager is new in this game Anteater Female Peppy February 16 snorty
AnchovyPicACWW.png Anchovy Bird Male Lazy March 4 chuurp
AngusPicACWW.png Angus Bull Male Cranky April 30 macmoo
AntonioPicACWW.png Antonio Anteater Male Jock October 20 honk
ApolloPicACWW.png Apollo Eagle Male Cranky July 4 pah
AuroraPicACWW.png Aurora Penguin Female Normal January 27 b-b-baby
BaabaraPicACWW.png Baabara Sheep Female Snooty March 28 daahling
BellaPicACWW.png Bella Mouse Female Peppy December 28 eeks
BenedictPicACWW.png Benedict Chicken Male Lazy October 10 uh-hoo
Big TopPicACWW.png Big Top Elephant Male Lazy October 3 villain
BillPicACWW.png Bill Duck Male Jock February 1 quacko
BiskitPicACWW.png Biskit Dog Male Lazy May 13 dawg
BlairePicACWW.png Blaire Squirrel Female Snooty July 3 nutlet
BluebearPicACWW.png Bluebear Bear cub Female Peppy June 24 peach
BobPicACWW.png Bob Cat Male Lazy January 1 pthhpth
BonesPicACWW.png Bones Dog Male Lazy August 4 yip yip
BoonePicACWW.png Boone This villager is new in this game Gorilla Male Jock September 12 baboom
BreePicACWW.png Bree Mouse Female Snooty July 7 cheeseball
BuckPicACWW.png Buck Horse Male Jock April 4 pardner
BudPicACWW.png Bud Lion Male Jock August 8 maaan
BunniePicACWW.png Bunnie Rabbit Female Peppy May 9 tee-hee
ButchPicACWW.png Butch Dog Male Cranky November 1 ROOOOOWF
CamofrogPicACWW.png Camofrog Frog Male Cranky June 5 ten-hut
CarolinePicACWW.png Caroline Squirrel Female Normal July 15 hulaaaa
CesarPicACWW.png Cesar Gorilla Male Cranky September 6 highness
ChampPicACWW.png Champ This villager is new in this game Monkey Male Jock June 4 choo CHOO
ChevrePicACWW.png Chevre Goat Female Normal March 6 la baa
ChiefPicACWW.png Chief Wolf Male Cranky December 19 harrumph
ChowPicACWW.png Chow Bear Male Cranky July 22 aiya
CocoPicACWW.png Coco Rabbit Female Normal March 1 doyoing
CubePicACWW.png Cube Penguin Male Lazy January 29 d-d-dude
CurlyPicACWW.png Curly Pig Male Jock July 26 nyoink
CurtPicACWW.png Curt Bear Male Cranky July 1 fuzzball
CyranoPicACWW.png Cyrano Anteater Male Cranky March 9 ah-CHOO
DaisyPicACWW.png Daisy Dog Female Normal November 16 bow-WOW
DeenaPicACWW.png Deena Duck Female Normal June 27 woowoo
DerwinPicACWW.png Derwin Duck Male Lazy May 25 derrrr
DizzyPicACWW.png Dizzy Elephant Male Lazy July 14 woo-oo
DoraPicACWW.png Dora Mouse Female Normal February 18 squeaky
DottyPicACWW.png Dotty Rabbit Female Peppy March 14 wee one
DrakePicACWW.png Drake This villager is new in this game Duck Male Lazy June 25 quacko
DriftPicACWW.png Drift Frog Male Jock October 9 brah
EgbertPicACWW.png Egbert Chicken Male Lazy October 14 doodle-duh
ElisePicACWW.png Elise This villager is new in this game Monkey Female Snooty March 21 puh-lease
ElmerPicACWW.png Elmer Horse Male Lazy October 5 tenderfoot
EloisePicACWW.png Eloise Elephant Female Snooty December 8 tooooot
ElvisPicACWW.png Elvis This villager is new in this game Lion Male Cranky July 23 unh-hunh
FilbertPicACWW.png Filbert Squirrel Male Lazy June 3 bucko
FrecklesPicACWW.png Freckles Duck Female Peppy February 19 ducky
FrigaPicACWW.png Friga Penguin Female Snooty October 16 brrrmph
FrobertPicACWW.png Frobert Frog Male Jock February 8 fribbit
GabiPicACWW.png Gabi Rabbit Female Peppy December 16 honeybun
GastonPicACWW.png Gaston Rabbit Male Cranky October 28 mon chou
GenjiPicACWW.png Genji Rabbit Male Jock January 21 otaku
GladysPicACWW.png Gladys Ostrich Female Normal January 15 stretch
GoldiePicACWW.png Goldie Dog Female Normal December 27 woof
GoosePicACWW.png Goose Chicken Male Jock October 4 buh-kay
GwenPicACWW.png Gwen Penguin Female Snooty January 23 h-h-h-hon
HopperPicACWW.png Hopper Penguin Male Cranky April 6 slushie
HughPicACWW.png Hugh Pig Male Lazy December 30 snortle
JayPicACWW.png Jay Bird Male Jock July 17 heeeeeyy
JeremiahPicACWW.png Jeremiah Frog Male Lazy July 8 nee-deep
JittersPicACWW.png Jitters This villager is new in this game Bird Male Jock February 2 bzzert
JoeyPicACWW.png Joey Duck Male Lazy January 3 bleeeeeck
KabukiPicACWW.png Kabuki Cat Male Cranky November 29 meooo-OH
Kid CatPicACWW.png Kid Cat Cat Male Jock August 1 psst
KikiPicACWW.png Kiki Cat Female Normal October 8 kitty cat
KittPicACWW.png Kitt Kangaroo Female Normal October 11 child
KodyPicACWW.png Kody Bear cub Male Jock September 28 grah grah
LilyPicACWW.png Lily Frog Female Normal February 4 zzrrbbitt
LimbergPicACWW.png Limberg Mouse Male Cranky October 17 squinky
LoboPicACWW.png Lobo Wolf Male Cranky November 5 ah-rooooo
LuckyPicACWW.png Lucky Dog Male Lazy November 4 rrr-owch
LucyPicACWW.png Lucy Pig Female Normal June 2 snoooink
MaellePicACWW.png Maelle Duck Female Snooty April 8 duckling
MallaryPicACWW.png Mallary Duck Female Snooty November 17 quackpth
MaplePicACWW.png Maple Bear cub Female Normal June 15 honey
MargiePicACWW.png Margie Elephant Female Normal January 28 tootie
MarinaPicACWW.png Marina Octopus Female Normal June 26 blurp
MathildaPicACWW.png Mathilda Kangaroo Female Snooty November 12 wee baby
MelbaPicACWW.png Melba This villager is new in this game Koala Female Normal April 12 toasty
MintPicACWW.png Mint Squirrel Female Snooty May 2 ahhhhhh
MitziPicACWW.png Mitzi Cat Female Normal September 25 mew
MoePicACWW.png Moe Cat Male Lazy January 12 myawn
MoniquePicACWW.png Monique Cat Female Snooty September 30 pffffft
MontyPicACWW.png Monty This villager is new in this game Monkey Male Cranky December 7 g'tang
NanPicACWW.png Nan Goat Female Normal August 24 kid
NanaPicACWW.png Nana This villager is new in this game Monkey Female Normal August 23 po po
NibblesPicACWW.png Nibbles Squirrel Female Peppy July 19 niblet
OctavianPicACWW.png Octavian Octopus Male Cranky September 20 sucker
OliviaPicACWW.png Olivia Cat Female Snooty February 3 purrr
OpalPicACWW.png Opal Elephant Female Snooty January 20 snoot
PangoPicACWW.png Pango Anteater Female Peppy November 9 snooooof
PatePicACWW.png Pate Duck Female Peppy February 23 quackle
PattyPicACWW.png Patty Cow Female Peppy May 10 how-now
PeanutPicACWW.png Peanut Squirrel Female Peppy June 8 slacker
PecanPicACWW.png Pecan Squirrel Female Snooty September 10 chipmunk
PeeweePicACWW.png Peewee Gorilla Male Cranky September 11 li'l dude
PiercePicACWW.png Pierce Eagle Male Jock January 8 hawkeye
PinkyPicACWW.png Pinky Bear Female Peppy September 9 wah
PippyPicACWW.png Pippy Rabbit Female Peppy June 14 li'l hare
PompomPicACWW.png Pompom Duck Female Peppy February 11 rah rah
PonchoPicACWW.png Poncho Bear cub Male Jock January 2 li'l bear
PortiaPicACWW.png Portia Dog Female Snooty October 25 ruffian
PuddlesPicACWW.png Puddles Frog Female Peppy January 13 splish
PudgePicACWW.png Pudge Bear cub Male Lazy June 11 pudgy
PunchyPicACWW.png Punchy Cat Male Lazy April 11 mrmpht
PurrlPicACWW.png Purrl Cat Female Snooty May 29 kitten
QueeniePicACWW.png Queenie Ostrich Female Snooty November 13 chicken
RasherPicACWW.png Rasher Pig Male Cranky April 7 swine
RhondaPicACWW.png Rhonda This villager is new in this game Rhinoceros Female Normal January 24 bigfoot
RibbotPicACWW.png Ribbot Frog Male Jock February 13 toady
RoaldPicACWW.png Roald Penguin Male Jock January 5 b-b-buddy
RobinPicACWW.png Robin Bird Female Snooty December 4 la-di-da
RoccoPicACWW.png Rocco Hippo Male Cranky August 18 hippie
RodPicACWW.png Rod Mouse Male Jock August 14 ace
RodeoPicACWW.png Rodeo This villager is new in this game Bull Male Lazy October 29 chaps
RolfPicACWW.png Rolf Tiger Male Cranky August 22 grrrolf
RoscoePicACWW.png Roscoe Horse Male Cranky June 16 nay
RosiePicACWW.png Rosie Cat Female Peppy February 27 silly
RowanPicACWW.png Rowan Tiger Male Jock August 26 mango
RubyPicACWW.png Ruby This villager is new in this game Rabbit Female Peppy December 25 li'l ears
SallyPicACWW.png Sally Squirrel Female Normal June 19 nutmeg
SamsonPicACWW.png Samson Mouse Male Jock July 5 pipsqueak
SavannahPicACWW.png Savannah Horse Female Normal January 25 y'all
SimonPicACWW.png Simon This villager is new in this game Monkey Male Lazy January 19 zzzook
SnakePicACWW.png Snake Rabbit Male Jock November 3 bunyip
StaticPicACWW.png Static Squirrel Male Cranky July 9 krzzt
StitchesPicACWW.png Stitches This villager is new in this game Bear cub Male Lazy February 10 stuffin'
TabbyPicACWW.png Tabby Cat Female Peppy August 13 me-WOW
TammiPicACWW.png Tammi This villager is new in this game Monkey Female Peppy April 2 chimpy
TangyPicACWW.png Tangy Cat Female Peppy June 17 reeeeOWR
TankPicACWW.png Tank Rhinoceros Male Jock May 6 kerPOW
TeddyPicACWW.png Teddy Bear Male Jock September 26 grooof
TiffanyPicACWW.png Tiffany Rabbit Female Snooty January 9 bunbun
TipperPicACWW.png Tipper This villager is new in this game Cow Female Snooty August 25 pushy
TrufflesPicACWW.png Truffles Pig Female Peppy July 28 snoutie
TwiggyPicACWW.png Twiggy Bird Female Peppy July 13 cheepers
VestaPicACWW.png Vesta Sheep Female Normal April 16 baaaffo
VictoriaPicACWW.png Victoria Horse Female Peppy July 11 sugar cube
WalkerPicACWW.png Walker Dog Male Lazy June 10 wuh
Wart Jr.PicACWW.png Wart Jr. Frog Male Cranky August 21 grr-ribbit
WhitneyPicACWW.png Whitney This villager is new in this game Wolf Female Snooty September 17 snappy
WolfgangPicACWW.png Wolfgang Wolf Male Cranky November 25 snarrrl
YukaPicACWW.png Yuka Koala Female Snooty July 20 tsk tsk