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Not to be confused with Bianca.
"Every face tells a story."
— Blanca, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Happy Home Designer
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Blanca mka
Blanca NLWa.png
Species Gender
Cat Male[nb 1]
Female[nb 2]
Birthday February 8th Aquarius
Role Visiting others' towns with a player-drawn face[nb 3]
April Fool's Day[nb 4]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Blanca is a faceless cat in the Animal Crossing series. In games prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she appears during multiplayer and asks the player to draw a face on her, while in New Leaf she is the host of April Fools' Day. Her name comes from her fur color; blanca is Spanish for white.



Blanca is a faceless white cat whose face is drawn by the player. In games prior to New Leaf, she wears a random shirt, though her artwork depicts her wearing a Blossom Shirt, and in New Leaf she wears a red-and-yellow striped outfit with a blue ruff on her neck, resembling a jester.

In her artwork for Animal Crossing, Blanca is drawing a henohenomoheji—a face drawn by Japanese schoolchildren learning hiragana—on her face. In her artwork for Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk as well as her in-game appearance in her RV in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, she has a crudely drawn smiley face drawn on her face.


In games prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blanca is insecure about her face since she cannot see what people drew on her. When she visits other player's towns, she says that she likes to travel the world, but she gets upset when spoken to, thinking the player is there to make fun of and spread rumors about her face.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blanca is a self-proclaimed "professional trickster," enjoying causing mischief on April Fools' Day by disguising as other villagers.


In all non-Japanese versions of all games, Blanca is female, while she is male in all Japanese versions. In Doubutsu no Mori+, Blanca has a male voice, but Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, she has a female voice. Beginning in Wild World, she has a male voice in all regions.



In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Blanca refers to Jack as her old trickster rival. She later mentions that she has been involved in a vicious prank war for so long that she can no longer trust her house and thus needs a new one. Although not outright stated, it can be inferred that the other participant of the prank war is Jack.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

Blanca in Animal Crossing.

Blanca makes her first appearance in Animal Crossing. She can appear on the train in place of Rover when the player travels to another town, and she asks the player to draw a face for her. The next time the player who was visited loads their save, Blanca appears in their town for the day with the face the visiting player drew. If spoken to, she asks the player what they think of the face drawn on her.

Rover may mention Blanca on the train when the player travels to another town, saying that he has seen her before on the train and was initially scared by her but had fun drawing her face.

In Wild World and City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, if the player allows the "mysterious cat" to visit via the telephone in the attic,[nb 5] Blanca can appear in the player's town after visiting another town. When spoken to, she asks the player to draw her a face. The next day, she appears in the town of the player who was visited with the face drawn on her, and she will ask the player how her face looks and allow them to redraw it up to two times. She will then appear in another player's town the next day.[clarification needed]

When spoken to at The Roost in Wild World, Rover may speak of a "mysterious cat," referring to Blanca. He will ask the player if they have seen her.

Due to the discontinuation of WiiConnect24 in 2013, Blanca can no longer be encountered in City Folk.

In New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blanca is the host of April Fools' Day. She initially appears in the event plaza during the event, and once the player speaks to her, she asks the player to play a game. During the game, Blanca appears in a villager's house disguised as the villager, and the player must determine which one is Blanca through the hints both the real villager and the disguised Blanca tell them. If the player correctly identifies Blanca in all villagers' houses, she mails the player a congratulatory letter containing Blanca's Pic the next day.

In New Horizons[edit]

Although Blanca does not appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Blanca's Poster can be obtained from Nook Shopping after attempting to invite her to Photopia via her amiibo.

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Blanca can appear as a spectator in the background of the Smashville stage.




Description A cat whose face is an empty white canvas for you to draw on. After traveling via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, she may appear with a face that someone else drew. Draw a new face, and she'll wander for a bit, then take off for a new town. In Animal Crossing, she would appear on the train between towns. Whether you give her a cute or funny face is up to you.
Acquisition Random

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]




Description Her smooth face is just like...well, a blank canvas! She used to let people give her a face by drawing on her, but in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she uses her peculiar face to trick everyone on April Fools' Day. Only a master of disguise like her could mimic other people so convincingly!
Acquisition Random

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Blanca reprises her role as a spectator in the background of Smashville, in addition to serving as a spectator for Town and City in the town portion of the stage.

Villager information[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer client information
Blanca's Happy Home Designer icon

Every face tells a story.
Client's vision I'll leave it up to you!
Favorite song  K.K. Ragtime
Unlocked items
 K.K. Ragtime    Blanca's Pic  
 Jester Shirt    Jester's Mask    Sunny Parasol  
Starting house: House of Blanca HHD Exterior.png

RV in Welcome amiibo[edit]

RV of Blanca NLWa Exterior.png
RV of Blanca NLWa.png
Description: Sure, she likes to stir up trouble around the town. But when you see her out relaxing at the campground, she looks so... Well, she still looks pretty creepy.
Cabana Armchair NL Model.png Cabana Armchair Cabana Bed NL Model.png Cabana Bed
Cabana Lamp NL Model.png Cabana Lamp Cabana Table NL Model.png Cabana Table
Cat Tower NL Model.png Cat Tower Crayons NLWa Model.png Crayons
Daisy Tee HHD Icon.png Daisy Tee Jester Shirt HHD Icon.png Jester Shirt
Makeup Case NL Model.png Makeup Case
Wallpaper: White Brick Wall NLWa.png White Brick Wall
Floor: Yellow Flooring NLWa.png Yellow Flooring
Music: K.K. Salsa (Album Cover) HHD Icon.png K.K. Salsa

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

Animal Crossing-e 3-178 (Blanca).jpg

Card back

Animal Crossing-e 3-178 (Blanca - Back).jpg

#178 Blanca - Series 3
Gender: Female
Sign: Aquarius
Profile: There are many theories about Blanca, none of which can be confirmed. One is that the cat is running from a shady past...while another is that Blanca got a little too enthusiastic while removing makeup one day.
Password: KuysIo28mtWNnE

amiibo card[edit]

114 Blanca amiibo card NA.png

Card back

Amiibo card back.png

#114 Blanca - Series 2
Star sign: Aquarius
Birthday: February 8
Dice value: 1
Hand sign: Scissors



Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese あやしいねこ
Translated as "suspicious cat"

Korean 아트고양이
Ateu Goyangi
Art Cat

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
无脸猫 / 無臉貓
Wúliǎn Māo
Faceless cat

Russian Бланка
Same as English name

Dutch Blanca Same as English name

German Blanka Same as English name

European Spanish Blanca Same as English name

European French Blanca Same as English name

Italian Blanca Same as English name


  1. Japan
  2. International
  3. Prior to New Leaf
  4. New Leaf
  5. WiiConnect24 must also be activated in Animal Crossing: City Folk.