Able Sisters

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Able Sisters
Artwork of the Able Sisters from Animal Crossing
Function Tailor Shop
Services Clothes,
PRO Designs
Staff Mabel
Label[nb 1]
Opening Hours 8 AM – 11 PM (Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk)
10 AM – 9 PM (New Leaf)[nb 2]
9 AM – 9 PM (New Horizons)
Main appearances
Other appearances
This article is about the Able Sisters' shop. For information on the individual Able Sisters, see their individual pages, Mabel, Sable and Label.

Able Sisters is a clothing shop/tailor shop and one of the main stores in the Animal Crossing series. It is owned and run by Sable and Mabel, and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the third sister Label owns an attachment to the shop that sells accessories. The original store was owned and run by their parents, until a fatal accident led to the business being handed over to Sable. Sable was left to look after her younger sisters, Mabel and Label. As with all shops, whenever the player enters or leaves the shop, the bell on the door will chime the first half of the town tune.

The locations are different in every Animal Crossing game. In Animal Crossing, it is located in the F acres. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, it is placed directly east of Nook's shop. In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it can be placed anywhere in the town. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it is located on Main Street.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the shop has changed its appearance. It features a fitting room where the players can try clothes, make purchases of items in different colors, and leave wearing the purchased items. Unlike in previous games, Able Sisters is not available from the start; instead, the player must purchase at least 5,000 Bells' worth of clothing from Mabel during her weekly visits, buying at least one item for the first two visits. On the third visit, she will recognise she has built up a customer base, and will get the idea of opening a shop, giving the shop kit to the Resident Representative. Players may still purchase clothes from her during that visit. Once the shop is built, Label will start occasionally appearing on the player's island in order to conduct a Fashion Check.


Pictures hung within the Able Sisters

The main products that the player can purchase from Able Sisters include clothes, such as shirts and pants, umbrellas, masks, helmets, hats, glasses, and accessories. In addition, the player is able to try on the clothes and accessories before they are bought, by clicking the item with which Mabel will reply with a list of options - trying on being one of them.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, clothing items can be sold to Mabel. She will pay the same price as Tom Nook.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the layout of the store is changed somewhat, and the store has two entrances. Mabel and Sable are present in the left side of the shop. Most clothing items are sold here, designs are on display, and eventually Sable allows the player to use the QR codes machine. The right side of the Able Sisters is managed by Labelle, who helps the player buy hats, accessories and umbrellas. Eventually, Shampoodle is built above the shop, and Kicks to the right.


Main article: Design

Prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, designs are created by talking to Mabel. Designs are player-created items that can be used as paintings, clothing, accessories and floor placings. They allow the player to create customizable objects that best suit their needs. They can be used as clothing, headgear, umbrellas, paintings, wallpaper, flooring or used as tiles to place outside. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, designs can be displayed on the wall at the back of the shop, and designs can be uploaded to the internet via the Custom Design Portal.

PRO designs[edit]

A PRO design is a design made in City Folk and New Leaf. Costing 350 Bells in City Folk and 500 Bells in New Leaf, the player can design a front, back, and two sleeves to otherwise one-design around clothes. In both games, the player must talk to Mabel to design one, unlike standard designs that can be made anywhere. In New Leaf, PRO designs can have long, short, or no sleeves. PRO designs take up one pattern slot, and, like normal patterns, can be displayed and used through the Able Sisters.


Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U[edit]

The Able Sisters have their own trophy in both versions, but must be unlocked through a challenge in the Wii U version.

Able Sisters SSB4 Trophy (Wii U).png #621 (3DS) 548 (Wii U) Able Sisters
NTSC-U: Able Sisters is a clothing and tailoring shop run by three completely different sisters. The oldest, Sable, quietly sews in the corner. The middle child, Label, sells accessories, and the youngest, Mabel, greets customers cheerfully. They fought in the past but have put that behind them!

PAL: The three Able sisters are like chalk and cheese...and thread, but running a clothes shop makes good use of their strengths: Sable works quietly at the sewing machine, Label sells accessories, and the cheerful Mabel welcomes people in. Despite their quirks, they get along well...usually.
Random (3DS)
Collect all of the custom outfits. (Wii U)






Names in other languages[edit]

Russian Сестры Эйбл
Syostry Eybl
Able Sisters

Dutch Able-zussen[nb 3]
Zusjes Able[nb 4]
Able Sisters

German Schneiderschwestern Tailor sisters

European Spanish Hermanas Manitas Handy Sisters

European French Soeurs Doigts de Fée Nimble fingers sisters

Italian Sorelle Ago e Filo "Needle and Thread"; it's also a pun on the sisters' Italian names, Agostina and Filomena


  1. Under the name Labelle, New Leaf
  2. 7 AM – 9 PM with the Early Bird town ordinance, 10 AM – 12 AM with the Night Owl town ordinance
  3. In amiibo Festival
  4. In New Horizons

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